essex arena kontakt

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I have downloaded True Strike 1 2 from some other website, it has only instruments (.nki).Please give a bonden vill ha en fru 05 04 15 thumbs up (or down) for the vid.Vibraphone special, xylophone 6 Small Percussion, chimes and Belltree, cowbells.Military and Field Drum, snare Drum, snare Ensemble.Glockenspiel, marimba, tubular Bells, vibraphone hit, vibraphone motor.Timpani rolls, timpani special effects, timpani tremolo 2 Kits, true Strike All Drums.Suspended Cymbals, tam Tam and Wind Gong 5 Melodic Percussion, celesta, crotales.Does this have NKX NKC that I can add directly to the library through "Add Library" option, without having have to browse through every instrument on my hard drive?Final Result 1st 364 Bradley Lee 2nd 57 3rd 227 8, 294, 717, 317, 63, 84, 456.Its the final qualifying round of the National Micro Bangers World Series at Arena Essex, watch these micro machines set the raceway on fire.Adding the library has failed.Timbales, tom Toms and Rototoms, tom Toms Phrases 4 Cymbals and Gongs, concert Cymbals.True Strike Orchestral Kit 3 Drums and Toms, bongos and Congas, gran Cassa and Tutti Hits.