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Afstammen d düsse Spraak vunt Old sassische, vun dat ook ton Deel dat Ingelsche (d.h.
So füng he an toeerst nich so geern de eerste Verschoon to vertelln.
Every translation of this wonderful book is a delight, a celebration of language, and a treasure.
As wi vunt Riemel ann Anfang vunt Book wies wardt, bden de dree Deerns Dodgson, dat he jüm wat vertell.Europe And The Retro Style Blue Floral Print Boat Neck Pockets-Attached Women's Dress.Set of 4 Vintage Pyrex Primary Mixing Bowls.Lewis Carroll is a pen-name: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was the authors real name and he was lecturer in Mathematics in Christ Church, Oxford.Trade un sachs ook freight un boss.To the best of my knowledge this edition presents the first translation of Alices Adventures in Wonderland into Low Saxon (also known as Low German and by its German name Platt deutsch).Member login, why try Mature Cornwall dating?Evertype would like to announce the publication of Reinhard.Dodgson füng mit düt Vertelln an.Consistent with the initial but now mostly ignored instructions of the creators of this spelling system, a apostrophe (representing elided -e ) following word-final b, v, d, g, and s z indicates that the vowel or diphthong of that syllable is extra-long and that the.As is clear from the poem at the beginning of the book, the three girls man söker en kvinna för sängen asked Dodgson for a story and reluctantly at first he began to tell the first version of the story to them.Vört Verdrieven ant Enn vunn Tweeden Weltkrieg wör de Spraak ook in Rebeden to Oosten vun de hüdige dütsche Oostgrenz snackt.Hahns new translation.So wied mi dat wies is, is düt dat eerste verdrgen vun Alices Adventures in Wonderland int Plattdütsche (Nedderdütsche).
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