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Air transport edit Until 2005 Augsburg was served by nearby Augsburg Airport (AGB).
Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine.
Also Augsburg is home to one of the most traditional German Baseball clubs, the Augsburg Gators.Kvalitetsjämförelse, omdömen och specialerbjudanden på gruppkurser för vuxna för att studera Tyska rengöring lady söker oberursel i Augsburg.Julius Schiller, lawyer and astronomer.In later centuries the city was the birthplace of the composer Leopold Mozart 7 and the playwright Berthold Brecht.In addition EC and night train services connect to Amsterdam, Paris and Vienna and connections will be substantially improved by the creation of the planned Magistrale for Europe.In 1806, when the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved, Augsburg lost its independence and was annexed to the Kingdom of Bavaria.The inequality of the Edict of Restitution was rescinded when in April 1632, the Swedish army under Gustavus Adolphus captured Augsburg without resistance.Augsburg produced large quantities of woven goods, cloth and textiles.1968 Alexander Wesselsky, lead singer of the German band Eisbrecher 1980 Benny Greb, solo drum artist.Inga problem, Skyscanner söker också alla stora hyrbilsfirmor för att ge dig de bästa hyrbilerbjudandena för din resa till Augsburg.Augsburg was sacked by the Huns in the 5th century AD, by Charlemagne in the 8th century, and by Welf of Bavaria in the 11th century, but arose each time to greater prosperity.Town Council edit Election results of the Town Council since 1972 in percent 11 Year CSU SPD FDP Grüne ÖDP Linke REP NPD Pro Augsburg AfD other 1972 44,9 46,5 2,3 0,7 0,9 4,7 1978 46,8 44,5 2,7 0,4 0,6 4,9 1984 32,9 44,9 1,3.Citation needed On Augsburg borders the nature park Augsburg Western Woods - a large forestland.Hans Holbein the Elder, a pioneer in the transformation of German art from the Gothic to the Renaissance style.Military edit Augsburg was historically a militarily important city due to its strategic location.Hauptbahnhof is on the MunichAugsburg and UlmAugsburg lines and is connected by ICE and IC services to Munich, Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart.Economy edit kuka 's industrial robots Augsburg is a vibrant industrial city.It is a university town and home of the, regierungsbezirk, schwaben and the, bezirk Schwaben.It is controlled by the Augsburger Verkehrsverbund (Augsburg transport union, AVV) extended over central Swabia.Following the Peace of Augsburg in 1555, after which the rights of religious minorities in imperial cities were to be legally protected, a mixed CatholicProtestant city council presided over a majority Protestant population; see Paritätische Reichsstadt.Under medeltiden var staden ett ekonomiskt centrum och säte för några av den tidens mest inflytelserika köpmannafamiljer, något som fortfarande kan ses i de många renässans- och barockfasaderna runt om i staden.
This organization fought against France in the Nine Years War.