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Some flats support individual students, others have up to 16 people sharing.
The charge for South Courts accommodation is 104.93 per week.
In your second and third years, you will be expected to find privately rented accommodation.
We are committed to providing an environment for living and learning, and aim to do everything we can to ensure that your time with us in your new home is an experience you will never forget.South Courts are only a five minute walk away vuxna vänner för sex from central campus but offer a quieter life than living in the Towers, as you share with fewer people and have your own bathroom.All rooms have an en suite bathroom with modern kitchen facilities to share.Find quality accommodation within easy walking distance to campus.There is a large supermarket within close walking distance, which makes it easy to have total independence and offers you the chance to develop your cooking skills.The location is very central so you are only five minutes away from the centre of campus with its caf6s, bars, restaurants, shops and banks.Every accommodation is different and feature shared or en suite bathrooms, shared kitchens, and common rooms.They are all situated around central courtyards offering an excellent meeting point.Depending upon location, you will find essential services like launderettes, and some may have cafes and gyms nearby.Charges for University-owned accommodation include heating, hot water, and cleaning of communal areas, and vary from 70 for standard accommodation to 100 for en suite accommodation per week.Our students comment on how much they enjoy their time living on campus and we were recently voted "Best University Halls".These are the rooms with a view!First years and international students are guaranteed a place in halls of residence.This means that, even if you are away from the University during the winter and spring vacations, you do not have to remove your belongings from your room.The student union has won leipzig Dating national awards and many bands such as Pink Floyd, The Kinks and Blur have played in the union.Each flat has 13-16 rooms with a large, shared kitchen-diner area, showers and toilets.All our accommodation consists of bedrooms, grouped in self-contained flats of varying sizes, with communal kitchen-dining facilities.